The Eira Organization

is a non profit structure

pending registration in Switzerland

The EIRA was nipped by an iceberg in what is today known as EIRA Harbour off cape Flora on Franz-Joseph land in the Arctic. She sank in only 20 fathoms and appears to be in good condition. She will be salvaged, repaired and refurbished.  She will be used as the foundation headquarters in the Arctic.

The aim of the EIRA ORGANIZATION is to protect animal life in the Artic  before it is too late and to reduce the need for animal slaughter globally. This through setting up small key in hand factories making sojameat to feed local populations and distribute vegetarian meat alternatives.

With most nations attempting to set up mining operations, oil fields and more in the Arctic it is to be expected that to feed these new populations one will first resort to slaughtering the local fauna. To avoid this the foundation will intervene at government level and will also build a hydrogen powered factory making sojameat in the Arctic.  

Similar factories will then be structured and located in the African continent and globally for supplying local populations with home grown grain for sojameat.  The foundation already has experience in this field having set up a successful sojameat food distribution company in Switzerland despite the country being one of the major consumers of animal meat in the World. 

A recent study shows that if the developed nations reduced their meat consumption by only 14% there could be no starvation in the world. That raising animals for food creates more underground and atmospheric pollution than all global transport put together. 60% of the world harvest is converted into cattle feed. 80% of the mortality rate in the developed countries is caused by cardio vascular problems due to an excess of animal fats ! 

Already oil, water and food reserves are running short.  Millions of children die from starvation daily. The World population is due to double within a very short time.  What then?  Apart from humane considerations we must immediately stop the wasteful and cruel slaughter of animals and grow cereal based foods, which can be delicious, healthy and non fattening. 

"You’ll never get fat if you eat all that" quote by Penelope Leitch.

You too can contribute.  You can start by tasting a meat free product yourself. Come and join us and we will help you do more if you want to.